The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a magnificent clash of old and new, where ancient temples and shopping malls find equal footing. From business to pleasure, KL has you covered. The past meets the future in this unforgettable city.

The Harmony Silk Factory
by Tash Aw

pianoMalaysian author, Tash Aw, provides an amazing read with his debut novel, The Harmony Silk Factory. The center of the book is Johnny Lim, owner of the eponymous Harmony Silk Factory, a textile factory in the Kinta Valley of rural Malaysia. Though he serves as the center of the work, he remains a remote figure, accessible only through the accounts of others. Here, we explore the themes of love, betrayal, and the possibility of ever truly knowing another.

The Rice Mother
by Rani Manicka

pianoIn a multi-generational epic about arranged marriage, gender, WWII and family secrets, The Rice Mother takes us on a journey from Ceylon to Malaysia, through the Japanese occupation and into the present. Rani Manicka paints a fascinating tapestry of love and horror, pain and triumph. Told through various characters’ perspectives, this book evokes a vast and spiritually profound world.

And The Rain My Drink
by Han Suyin

pianoIn this love story between a Eurasian woman and a British police officer in Malaysia during British colonialism, we are given a peek into the private lives of the characters—roughly based on the author’s own experiences—as well as the political struggles in the country, as Communist guerillas and mounting Malaysian nationalism threaten to destabilize British rule. And the Rain My Drink, published in 1956, remains a classic of Malaysian literature.

The Consul’s File
by Paul Theroux

pianoIn yet another great novel by Paul Theroux, The Consul’s File takes place in a small Malaysian town in the post-colonial milieu of the 1970s. It tells the story of Spencer Savage, an American consul sent to the jungle town to shut down the remains of an outpost there. Through Savage’s encounters, we meet a variety of characters, depicted with such richness and artistry, we can’t help but be drawn in.